Our latest successful undertaking here at Pacy & Wheatley was a retail interior refurbishment project in East Sussex. It was for the Cooperative Group and involved crucial fire prevention works, along with repairs and decoration. 

The challenge that our team here at Pacy & Wheatley was called in to solve was the lack of adequate fire prevention in many of the stores. A situation that was caused primarily because many of the buildings in question were a combination of residential and retail space.

The particular challenges involved in this project included the need to fireproof steel girders and work in spaces that were restricted, yet also contained much of the vital cabling for both the stores and residential buildings. 

We are happy to announce that our team successfully completed these fire prevention works in a space of 3 months, despite many of the jobs being significantly varied. For example, in some stores, only minor works were needed. While in others entire ceilings had to be removed and steel columns fired proofed with 60 minutes protection.

Indeed, to solve the issues mentioned above we found it effective to have our electrical contractor remove any unnecessary wiring. Then label the rest so it could be laid neatly into Galvanised trunking, something that allowed for safer access to the steels and walls that needed to be fireproofed.

Additionally, when we discovered that in some cases there was no fireproofing between individual retail spaces, we installed a 60-minute fire curtain to enhance protection.

Finally, in addition to the fire safety works completed through this project our qualified and competent team installed new suspended ceilings and ensured that the spaces affected were decorated to a high standard. Something that left them fresher and more pleasant, as well as safer spaces to live and work. 

Check out the full case study of this project here.