Interior Refurbishment East Sussex

The Co-op Exterior East Sussex
The Co-op Interior East Sussex
The Co-op Interior Counter East Sussex
  • Client: The Cooperative group
  • Sector: Retail – Fire prevention works
  • Type: Schedule of rates
  • Procurement: Tender/Negotiation
  • Location: Cooperative store Winchelsea – East Sussex
  • Project Value: £17,000.00

The Project

Pacy and Wheatley Interiors complete an Interior Refurbishment project in East Sussex. We were approved and appointed to carry out works on a rolling programme for the Cooperative group, this particular project mainly involves Fire prevention works with repairs and decoration being carried out within the retail area.

The vast amounts of existing Cooperative stores are on high streets or busy side roads and as such many of them have flats/apartments above the shop. It was found following a routine visit by a fire officer to a certain store that the fire prevention between the shop and the accommodation above was totally inadequate or non-existent. Subsequently leading to all of the Cooperative stores being surveyed and a scope of works being put together with a view to a rolling programme of fire prevention works being carried out for a total of 3 months from October this year.

The Solution

The programme of works commenced as detailed above. The works involved following on from the scoping visits varied significantly, some stores requiring minor works and others needing store closures with ceilings having to be removed whilst steel columns above were fire proofed to achieve 60 minutes protection.

This particular project was very challenging indeed with the need to fire proof all the steel girders installed within the back of house area. The challenge here was that there was a very small void above the ceiling and a myriad of cables located within the working area. The solution was to bring in an Electrical contractor to identify and label the existing wiring that was to be kept and check and remove the redundant wiring. The remaining wiring was then laid neatly into Galvanised trunking, this enabled better and safer access to the steels and walls that needed to be fire proofed. This particular store formed part of a row of shops and on closer inspection it was found that there was no fire prevention installed between each unit meaning that if a fire started then there was no means of stopping the fire spreading. The solution here was to install a 60 minute fire curtain between the Cooperative store and the hair dressers salon next door so as to stop the risk of fire spreading.

The whole of the back of house area was fully decorated and a brand new suspended ceiling installed, the end result being a safer fire proofed area for the staff to work in along with a fresher and brighter feel to the whole area, another successful Interior Refurbishment completed.

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