Strip Out UK

RBS Closures Shop Front
Nationwide RBS Closures Shop Front
RBS Closures Shop Front small
  • Client: RBS Banking (Bank Closures)
  • Sector: Banking
  • Type: Specified
  • Procurement: Agreed Rates
  • Location: Various (Nationwide)

The Project

Pacy & Wheatley were appointed on an agreed rates basis to carry out the strip out of 18 RBS branches throughout the UK.

We carried out the works based on an individual scope of works produced for each branch put together by RBS. The works included the removal of all external and internal signage, removal of counters, white washing of windows, removal of carpets and all IT items. Each strip out was carried out over a seven-working-day timeframe. During this time, we had to carefully liaise with direct suppliers of RBS in order for specialist items to be collected, such as cash machines, safes, and RBS documents. Over the close-down period we have had to deal with and coordinate up to 5 specialist suppliers in order to get the building cleared of everything, ensuring all items being collected were taken by the correct supplier and then taken on to the correct relevant storage facilities. All projects have been completed on time, on budget and with zero accidents to everyone involved.

The works resulted in former banking facilities being stripped out and left fit for use by another retail outlet.